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Working hard,
or hardly workin'?

Outlook CheckIN is a non-intrusive application that sends random check-in requests to your remote teams.
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From £1/week per user

Easy to use and affordable Microsoft plug-in.

Quick, easy-to-use CheckIN system

Outlook CheckIN sends random checkIN requests so you know who is at their desk (and who is not).


Non-invasive way to monitor staff while they work from home. Staff simply checkIN with one click.

Automatic Alerts

Send automatic notifications to staff, without affecting productivity.

Only on Desktop

Cleverly built to only work on desktop, not mobile. So, users have to be at their desk to check-in.

Complete  oversight

View a quick snapshot of your workers' performance and working time during the day.

Breakdown of responses

See a complete overview of responses:

  • Checked In

  • Late CheckIN

  • No CheckIN

Works with Outlook Tracker

Use as part of Outlook Tracker and see how many emails were sent and received, plus their response times.



Use Outlook CheckIN from as little as £1/week per user.

Used around the world

Outlook Email Tracker and Outlook CheckIN is used by companies across the world. Organisations across the globe have improved email productivity and staff performance by using Outlook Email Tracker and Outlook CheckIN.

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