CheckIN plug-in added to Outlook Tracker

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We're excited to launch a brand-new plugin for Outlook Tracker - Outlook CheckIN - which provides a non-intrusive way to measure your staff's productivity while they work from home.

The Outlook plugin - which we recommend to be used alongside Outlook Tracker - sends automatic alerts to staff, prompting them to press a button to check-in. The administrator can set the timeframe in which staff must check-in by, as well as how often the alerts are sent.

The results of each user is listed under four categories:

  • CheckIN: All staff who checked-in within the allocated time

  • Late CheckIN: All staff who checked in after the allocated time

  • No CheckIN: All staff who have not checked-in after the deadline

  • Pending: All staff who have not checked-in within the deadline

The interactive dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of productivity data. You can view this by office, department or individual user. With the data, you can praise team members for specific work analytics or take the necessary actions.

his is a non-invasive way to check in on your staff as they work from home, and does not invade on their privacy or private information.

Find out more about the new plugin here.

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Working hard, or hardly workin'?

As managers, we always have trust in our staff to work just as hard when working remotely. In almost all cases, staff have unquestionably delivered on this during the pandemic. However, all it takes in one hard-working team is one slacking member of staff to cost your business greatly.

This exciting new plugin tells you who is stationed at their desk during the working hours, without invading on their privacy or disrupting their workflow. The tool is only compatible on the desktop version of office. This means staff cannot check-in on their mobile when they're actually away from their computer.

The administration settings allow you to set working hours and check-in deadlines. You can switch it off for individual users when they're absent or on their in-office day (hybrid working).

Outlook CheckIN lets you extract custom reports to a PDF or Excel files in just one click.

Complete oversight

Outlook Email Tracker measures all your company emails, who responded and how long it took them. The tool also tracks individual performance within a shared mailbox and tells you the reason for every email sent; so you can analyse trends in customer queries, complaints and even quality management.

With the inclusion of the new CheckIn plugin, Outlook Email Tracker gives you a complete oversight of employee performance and productivity while they work from home.

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