Ensuring Fairness in a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplaces, for many, are the future of work. But how can you ensure fairness and inclusion between staff who work in an office, and staff who are remote?

Let's face it, when an employee is in an office, you can wander over to their desk and see how they're doing. Many employers have struggled to replicate this with remote workers.

How do you do this for remote workers non-intrusively?

Outlook CheckIN sends random check in requests via Microsoft Outlook to remote working staff. Workers simply press the check-in button at the top and their response time is recorded.

As a manager, you can then access a real-time, interactive dashboard which shows you data for your whole organisation. You can even export reports within seconds.

The Microsoft plug-in is easy to use and doesn't affect affect staff privacy or productivity.

Outlook CheckIN has been designed to only work on desktop devices, which means staff cannot check-in on their mobile while they're away from their desk.

Request a demonstration today to see the software in action.

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