Two-thirds of employers do not trust their staff to work remotely

Experts warn it is essential businesses recognise their workforces' 'evolving requirements' and support flexible and hybrid working practices.

Recent research has found two-thirds of employers do not trust their staff when it comes to working remotely.

Ricoh Europe surveyed 1,500 business decision makers across Europe. They found that 65% did not fully trust their staff to do their jobs from home. Additionally, nearly two-fifths (39%) said they believed their staff do not work as hard or effectively at home.

Despite this, only one in five reported a decrease in productivity since they moved to remote working.

Onus on employers: How can you gain trust?

Despite not seeing a decrease in productivity, decision makers are still hesitant about remote working.

Non-intrusive employee monitoring

From as little as £1 per week per user, you can install a non-intrusive application that automatically sends random check-in requests via Outlook to your remote teams.

Outlook CheckIN is easy to use and lets you know which of your remote workers are at their desk, and who is not.

The application has been designed to only work on desktop and tablets, so your staff can only check in from their desk during the workday.

The responses can then be accessed using the interactive dashboard to gain an overview of your employees' activity.

You can then generate reports and review the results on an interactive graph; filtering by department and by personnel.

Armed with this data, you can ensure fairness within all your teams across your organisation; both in the office and remotely.

Want to see the application in action? Contact us for a free, short demonstration.

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